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Dear Alpha Beta Foundation,


Thank you for selecting me as one of your stipend recipients!  During the summer of 2017, I attended a two-week course at Rowan University that was focused on project-based learning in a high school engineering classroom.  I decided to bring many of the activities that we learned in my Introduction to Engineering Design Course.  Thanks to my stipend, I was able to purchase many basic materials for these project-based learning activities.  The basic materials that I purchased include rubber bands, paper clips, cotton balls, aluminum foil, balloons, balloon pumps, Popsicle sticks, fabric, yarn, storage containers, etc.  I used these basic materials to set up project-based learning instant challenges for my engineering students.  


Since the beginning of the year, I have performed four instant challenges with my 3 engineering classes.  In the first instant challenge, the students used basic materials to create a device that would fly across the classroom on a fishing line. In the second instant challenge, the students used basic materials to create a device that would be flying through the air across the classroom.  The third instant challenge involved the students creating a bridge with the longest possible span.  In the fourth instant challenge, the students created a device that could be used to make their chores easier at home.  My engineering students really enjoyed these activities.  The activities helped to keep the students engaged and gave the students the ability to apply what they have learned.  There will be more activities as the year progresses.  I am so grateful to be able to bring these activities to my classroom without spending my own money.  In addition to the materials purchased for the student activities, I was able to purchase a couple of posters for my classroom, folders, notebooks, and flash drives.  Thank you so much for your support!


Lauren Coscia - Teacher of Engineer

St. Joseph Hill High School

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