Reyam Ghannoum 2020 Winner
$1000 Alpha Beta Scholarship

July 1, 2020


Dear Alpha Beta Foundation,


When I first heard of the scholarship Alpha Beta was offering, I was very happy. This was a step for me to make my college route easier and to possibly make me a better teacher. 


In such a tough time and with everything that has been going on, I needed that push to continue and strive for a better future. The circumstances were very unprecedented, and it was a time of discomfort and uncertainty. 


As I applied for the scholarship, I was hoping for the best and I was also very excited to be involved in a teachers’ opportunity.  Aside from tuition, there are many expenses that college

students have. This includes supplies, technology, and tools to assist the student during virtual schooling.


Thanks to this opportunity, I bought a new MacBook Air. I needed a new laptop very badly, but I was saving money for one on the long term. When this scholarship came in, I was very relieved. 


Virtual school is impossible without the right technology. I am comfortable with my own laptop now. I have my privacy and the right environment I need to study. This laptop is the essence of my success in the upcoming virtual semester.


Thank you so much Alpha Beta Foundation


Reyam Ghannoum

Michael J. Petrides High School