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The Alpha Beta Foundation was created as a federally qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-stock corporation established in July 2017.


We are an outgrowth of the Alpha Beta Chapter of women educators founded in 1955 on Staten Island with a present membership of 75. The Alpha Beta Chapter/Pi State-New York is part of the Southeastern Area of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.  DKG is a professional Honor Society of Key Women Educators, founded in 1929 in Austin, Texas.  The membership has grown from the original 12 founders to over 65,000 members in 17 countries



Since 2004 the Alpha Beta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International has had fundraisers and direct donations from members to fund scholarships to two female high school seniors wishing to enter the field of education.  One scholarship is competitive and the other rotates among our Staten Island High Schools. 


Four years ago, to provide Support for Early Career Educators (SEE), we created a Fund a Teacher stipend to two teachers to purchase needed supplies for their classroom.  The teacher receives the stipend and is invited to attend our meetings and functions informing us how the money was used in the classroom.  We get the message out to their Principals and Assistant Principals; and as they learn more about Alpha Beta/DKG Society International and the support we provide.  

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