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Mariacristinia ITALIA  

2009 DR. MARY MEADE $2000 SCHOLARSHIP WINNER AND 2015 FUND A TEACHER RECIPIENT now teaching at tottenville hs - staten island, new york

member of the alpha beta chapter of delta kappa society international for key women educators

Dear Alpha Beta Chapter,


When I was a student in high school, I realized I wanted to become a mathematics teacher. My guidance counselor, Ms. Tuzio, knew about this and encouraged me to pursue my goal. She was so supportive that she even told me of a scholarship opportunity. The scholarship

was the Dr. Mary Meade Scholarship presented by the Alpha Beta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma. The organization awards the scholarship to young women hoping to become educators.

In 2009, the gracious women of the Alpha Beta Chapter chose me as their scholarship recipient.


Being awarded the scholarship provided me with both a feeling of support and a sense of relief. I was relieved because their scholarship allowed me to buy textbooks during my first year of college and aided in college expenses outside of tuition.


Their support, however, started over eight years ago and is still felt to this day. When I started teaching at full time at Tottenville High, the women of the Alpha Beta Chapter were once again, very generous. They provided me with the Fund A Teacher stipend. The stipend is granted to new teachers and allowed me to purchase supplies necessary for my students to succeed, such as compasses and folders. The compasses aided the students in their study of geometry, while the folders allowed the students to create portfolios. I was also able to decorate the classroom, which made it more inviting. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for being able to do all this as a result of this organization’s kindness.


In 2016, I was invited to become a member of the Alpha Beta Chapter. I am now a member and have a support system with the women of the organization. Their experiences in the classroom have made them an invaluable source of wisdom. They are always willing to share

those experiences and provide advice. All their efforts have made everything from my college career to my first years of teaching both less overwhelming and less daunting.




Mariacristinia Italia















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