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Here’s How Much Your Kid’s Teacher Is Shelling Out for School Supplies - Money Magazine - August 2016

Support for Early Career Educators (SECE) by giving stipends to teachers for the purchase of books for reading corners, supplies for STEM activities, bulletin boards and many other needed classroom materials to create a positive learning environment.


Education is a challenging career, and retaining quality teachers is an issue. 


It’s often been said that you can’t put a price on education, however, lack of supplies can be particularly surprising for teachers who are just beginning to create their own classrooms.  While many people think teachers are given buckets of supplies at the beginning of the year to do their jobs, that is far from reality.


For the 2017-2018 school year, the New York City Department of Education allocated $250 in "Teacher's Choice" money which is funded by the City Council. This amount does not cover the out-of-pocket classroom expenses incurred by educators each year? In 2016, the average teacher spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 with 10% spending $1,000 or more. And these were not isolated incidents. According to an study, 91% of teachers make these costly investments in their students’ education.


This is where Alpha Beta Foundation comes in by giving two to three stipends a year to help Early Career Educators fund their classrooms.  


Please read the testimonials of our recipients to see how the stipend has been spent.



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