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Thomas Boyer 2021 Winner  $2000 Dr. Mary Meade Scholarship

August 18, 2021


Dear Alpha Beta Foundation,


My name is Thomas Boyer. Over many activities, clubs, and organizations, I have noticed a natural strength in teaching. I’ve worked as a camp counselor a few times. In my Boy Scout troop, I taught new scouts the ropes and got them up to speed. In school, I helped my classmates with some last-minute studying. One day, I caught wind of an essay contest. I read about Dr. Mary Meade and was inspired by how she helped John Popadin. I hope that if I become a teacher, I can be as supportive as her.


I am an incoming freshman to SUNY Binghamton, and plan to major in psychology, history, or finance. To do this, I decided to use the generous award on what would help me in college. I used most of it to buy a laptop. With the rest of the money, I opened a secondary bank account as an emergency fund.


I was inspired by many of my teachers throughout my school career. I want to follow in their footsteps, so I’m thankful to the Alpha Beta Foundation for recognizing my efforts and inviting me to join a community of dedicated educators.


Here is a photo of me at my job this summer at Goodhue day camp. I enjoyed working

with children, teaching and learning from them.




Thomas Boyer

Curtis High School

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