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Felice Muller

AP Biology LaVelle Prep

2017 Fund A Teacher Stipend




Dear Alpha Beta Foundation,


When I was notified that I was selected for the Fund a Teacher stipend, I was so grateful and very excited.  This stipend came at just the right time as we are just starting an AP Biology program at Lavelle Prep. Many supplies are needed for this lab-based course.  I was missing some important supplies for our very first lab. I used the money to purchase several ring stands and assorted clamps so my students could make potometers which are apparatus necessary for the plant transpiration lab. I was also able to purchase several Ivy plants which the students also used in this activity. The students learned so much from the lab activity and enjoyed working with the new equipment. I used the remaining portion of the stipend to purchase a subscription to Test Wizard so my students can use this computer-based program to study for the AP exam in May.  The stipend helped my students have a great start to the new school year and the kind gesture was deeply appreciated.

Thank you,

Felicia Muller

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