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Crytal Rios

2019 Fund A Teacher Recipient


October 30, 2019


Dear Alpha Beta Foundation,


My name is Crystal Rios. I am a High School teacher, teaching at New Ventures Charter School Staten Island, NY.  New Ventures is a transfer school serving over age under-credited students. In addition, I am an RYT certified Yoga instructor and Mindfulness teacher. At integration Charter Schools, the Charter organization on Staten Island that includes New Ventures, Lavelle Prep, and Nicotra Early College Prep, every student in every grade (3-12) in every school takes a Wellness class as part of their regular schedule. My knowledge and passion for Wellness were palpable. Administration noticed that passion and made me the Wellness Coach for all 3 schools in the organization. In this role, I meet with Wellness teachers to guide them in creating their Wellness curriculum in every grade for every school in the organization. I coach and train the teachers to deliver Wellness content clearly and effectively. Our Wellness program's main focus is on year-long curriculums that center on Social Emotional Learning skills that largely include Mindfulness skills, skills that help students regulate their emotions and behaviors, and interpersonal/ social skills. 


All this to say, because of my passion for Wellness and my leadership role at the organization, I used the grant to purchase Mindfulness bells/ chimes, Mindfulness activity decks, and Social-Emotional Learning Activity cards and games. I purchased numerous of the same items. I actually did not keep anything that I purchased from this grant for myself. I ordered many of the same items with the intention to distribute and share with others. Upon receiving this generous grant, I immediately made the decision to share it with my Wellness colleagues to spreading Mindfulness and Wellness resources to other Wellness teachers in the school. As their coach, I wanted to provide them with as many resources and materials to make them successful Wellness teachers. Every item was distributed to other Wellness teachers to help them enhance their ability to teach Mindfulness and Wellness in their classrooms. When teachers are supported and given what they need in order to be successful, our kids and our future is positively impacted. So on behalf of all of the Wellness teachers at Integration Charter Schools, I want to take this moment to show my immense gratitude for this grant, for it is serving students of all grades, in three different schools, to manage their emotions, behaviors and social skills to help them lead successful lives.

Thank you,

Crystal Rios

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