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December 3, 2019


Dear Alpha Beta Foundation,


          I would like to use this time to thank all of you for your generosity this year in donating to my classroom at Gateway Academy. My fourth-grade students were able to receive about fifty new and used books to their classroom library, a new bookshelf to hold the new additions, and even some bookmarks to help them keep their place! They were also given a supply center for their arts and crafts, new sets of scissors, glue, and pencil cup holders. Additionally, I was able to buy some new posters, bulletin board borders, and new decorative cut-outs to make our classroom look more colorful! These simple, but crucial items bought for our classroom have given this school year so much more creativity, joy, and laughter. We are all so grateful for being chosen and loved by you all! 


With gratitude, 


Mrs. Melissa D’Amico and the 4th grade class at Gateway Academy 

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