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October 28, 2021


Dear Alpha Beta Foundation


My classroom this year was not a typical one.  Due to Covid what would have been my classroom was made into a home room.  I was told that I would push into classrooms this year.  I quickly realized that I would need a cart to bring around regular classroom materials for not just myself but for my students as well. I then made sure to buy folders for each class.  As the only language teacher, I wanted to make sure that each classroom had readily available materials for my students.  In each classroom I left two folders, absent work, and extra copies.  


As an extension activity I am in the process of planning students to engage in writing to students in another country.  I am trying to get in contact with a class from Central America have a pen pal class.  This would be done with a revolving effect; the 3rd grade level classes would take a turn writing letters.  In total I have 6 classes, 7th and 8th grade.  The stipend would assist with the cost of postage as well as other letter writing necessities.


I was able to purchase binders/folders for each class; a cart to transport my supplies; worksheets/handouts, paper, loose leaf, pencils, sharpeners, markets, etc.  I was also able to purchase student Spanish and English dictionaries 


Thank you, Alpha Beta Foundation, for all your help.


Oralia Lainez

PS/IS 48 William G. Wilcox School

Oralia Lainez 
2021 fund a teacher recip




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