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Daphne Murillo 2022 Winner $1000 Alpha Beta Scholarship


August 15, 2022


Dear Alpha Beta Foundation,


The moment I submitted my application for this profound scholarship I was overwhelmed with hope and excitement. I have always dreamt of being a teacher and the fact that the Alpha Beta Foundation provided me with this opportunity to further pursue my dreams is something I will always be grateful for. This scholarship will alleviate my day-to-day college expenses such as: books, technology, and various other materials. 


In 2015 my family realized that my brother had a speech impediment and they had to seek help for it. Seeing the way his speech teachers interacted, communicated, and supported him inspired me to become a teacher. During this process, I helped with speech exercises that were given to him and felt that my assistance further helped him. I knew that teaching was something I wanted to pursue for a very long time and that it would positively impact the kids I work with. It's incredible how much children can influence a teacher's life. The same is what I want to give them. I want to make a difference in their lives and be the mentor they can rely on. 


Being awarded this scholarship is an exciting opportunity, and I'm thankful and fortunate to be given it. It will help me pay for my textbooks and a portion of my college expenses at SUNY Cortland. I am so happy to be included into this community and am looking forward to what the future holds for me. 



Daphne Murillo

Gaynor McCown HS

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