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never guirguis - 2023 Fund A Teacher Recipient

November 2023


Dear Alpha Beta Foundation,


My name is Neveen Guirguis and I am a second - Year English as a Second Language (ENL) teacher at Berta A. Dreyfus Intermediate School 49. I am honored and privileged to be the 2023 Alpha Beta Foundation’s recipient of the Alpha Beta Scholarship with a $300 award. This year, I am teaching an ENL- Stand Alone class where some students are new to the United States and are experiencing education for the first time.


With this money I was able to purchase headphones for all of my ENL students so they can listen to the book when it is read to them during independent reading. Doing so enhanced their ability to acquire new English vocabulary.


In addition, I was able to purchase more Visual posters in different languages and international countries string flags banners to make the classroom environment more culturally inclusive. Other items I purchased were binders for all of my ENL students so that they are able to have a place for their notes. Additional materials that I bought and are helpful with the success of my students include pencils, pens, and highlighters that can be used in middle school. Lastly, I bought a laminator machine which I think will be a big help for me this year. I actually started to use it by laminating the self-assessment cards. Which my students use daily to check for understanding and it was important for me to make sure that these cards last for a long time. 


Being awarded this stipend not only allowed me to enhance my pedagogy, but helped my students to continue their success and facilitate their learning of the English language. Being awarded this stipend also benefited my school community as well since we are a Title I school. I thank you again for choosing me as this year’s recipient.



Neveen Guirguis

ENL Teacher

IS 49

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