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Dear Alpha Beta Foundation

My name is Christina Ajello and I am an incoming freshman for The State University of New York at New Paltz. In just a few short months, I will be attending their school of Education in the Honors Program, pursuing a career in Elementary Education.

Alpha Beta Foundation presented me with the Alpha Beta Scholarship, and I am now the 2018 recipient of the $1000 award. I am grateful as well as honored to receive this award, thanks to the support of my guidance counselor, Ms. Shapiro, who is a member of Alpha Beta Chapter, and was the one who introduced me to this wonderful scholarship opportunity.

My love for teaching has always been a huge part of my life, as I have looked up to my teachers for as long as I can remember. Teachers in our current day and age are tasked with the vital job of helping to shape the minds of children in an ever-changing society, which is something I not only recognize but resonate with. I have witnessed firsthand how inclusivity and acceptance can be expressed through teaching others, and I aspire to feel the satisfaction that comes with making children feel like they are in a safe space in the school and to develop their love for learning.

I am going to use the scholarship money that comes with this award towards my college tuition savings, as well as towards my textbook costs for my freshman year. This money will help tremendously, as textbooks are one of the many expenses which will aid in getting me the education I need to become a teacher. I hope that I go on to inspire more children to become teachers throughout my career.


Thank you, 


Christina Ajello

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