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Toni Ann Benino

2013 Fund A Teacher Recipient 


October 16, 2013


Dear Alpha Beta Chapter,


My name is Toni Ann Benino, and I am fortunate enough to have been the first nominee selected to have received support from Fund-A-Teacher from the Alpha Beta Chapter of DKG. Mary Ann and the other women in the chapter were extremely helpful, and supportive not just financially, but with advice as I entered my first year of full-time teaching. When they handed me the check, the ladies each took time out through the night to talk with me and discuss my plans for how to best prepare myself and my students for a successful school year. 


Having to start from scratch the first the money they provided me eased that feeling quite a bit. With their financial support, I purchased book bins for my classroom library, as well as mini, however, year to set up my classroom was stressful, white boards to teach in small groups and individual re-teaching. I was also able to get pencil grips and small gel material items since I was informed going in that several of my Special Education students benefitted from items that helped with sensory stimulation to hold during lessons.  I picked up stackable bins and shelving so that the library in our room had ample room for book bins giving a large selection of books for my students. Their money helped me fill my room with necessary items for a productive year, which aren't necessarily the items a school will hand over upon request during your first days. The ease of having financial support gave me the opportunity to shop with an open mind for items that I otherwise would have held off on until the NYC Teacher's Choice allowance was mailed in later that year. I am forever grateful for your help as I began my career as I was able to walk in from day one feeling prepared to provide for my students. 



Toni Ann Benino



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