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Dear Alpha Beta Foundation, 


My name is Aurora Haxhari and I am the 2018 recipient of the Dr. Mary Meade Scholarship given by Alpha Beta Foundation. Receiving this scholarship has lifted such a burden from both my parents and myself. Education has always been important to my sisters and me because my parents, being immigrants, didn't have the opportunities we now have. We have always been pushed to succeed and I am so excited that I'm finally on the road to something bigger and greater. College is an experience I have been anticipating because I am finally taking a step towards doing something I have always dreamed to do, teaching.


As a child, there were no other professions that appealed to me the way teaching did. I always had great relationships with my teachers and that played a huge role in me wanted to become one. Having a younger sister and younger cousins also helped me realize my love for teaching. Whenever they needed help with homework, they came to me and I loved being able to help ease their burdens and see the expressions on their faces when they finally understood a concept they could not grasp before. From there, I continued my love for teaching by helping my classmates and even tutoring some in various subjects. I observed how so many teachers have lasting impacts on children's lives, whether it may be positive or negative. This showed me that I could do something special by educating young people and showing them they have a voice, talent, and endless amounts of potential. 


My senior year, I decided to apply for many scholarships after I finished my college applications. I checked my emails constantly to see what new opportunities my college advisor sent to the seniors. When I read the Alpha Beta Foundation Dr. Mary Meade Scholarship Essay Contest, I was thrilled. This was a scholarship opportunity for students who are aspiring teachers, it couldn't be more perfect! Of course, I got started on the application right away. The essay was something that came very naturally to me and I took my time writing and perfecting it. Upon hearing that I won the award, I was at a loss for words and truly touched. It was such an honor having been chosen for such an amazing scholarship by an even more amazing group of inspiring and astounding women.


I am currently attending the College of Staten Island in the Verazanno Honors Program. This program is something I look forward to being a part of for the next four years of my undergraduate career. I will go on to major in education and on my journey, I will use the scholarship money to fund the payment of textbooks and various learning materials. There are no other words to describe how much I appreciate this scholarship award and how much it will help me! I hope to someday make those who have helped me proud by being deserving of this award in all that I do from here on.


Thank you,


Aurora Haxhari 

AURORA HAXHARI 2018 winner
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