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October 31, 2019


Dear Alpha Beta Foundation,


Thank you so much Alpha Beta Foundation for choosing me to receive the Fund A Teacher Stipend!  My position was switched at the start of the school year to the Theater Arts teacher. I was able to purchase items that would last several months and some for many years to come. As a new teacher I was very overwhelmed with the cost of supplies.


With my stipend, I was able to purchase many useful and needed supplies. My students have been enjoying the puppets, crafts, books and handbells used during my class. 


My position is at a District 75 school and my students have multiple disabilities. Which means I need an assortment of leveled supplies. The stipend really helped me create diverse centers and adapted books. 


I am so grateful to your organization and was thrilled to share my pictures.  I look forward to supporting DKG Alpha Beta Chapter and hope to become a member!



Thank you 


Jayne Catricola 

 Special Education Teacher  PS 37R

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