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Brooke Marzullo - 2022
Fund A Teacher Recipient

Dear Alpha Beta Foundation,


The social and emotional wellbeing of my students means a great deal to me. Mental health has always been something I focus on and emphasize as an educator in today's society. I am a special education teacher, who teaches 3 different self-contained classrooms with about 12 students in each classroom at IS 27. Many of my students struggle with sensory overload and have difficulty self-regulating when they become frustrated or upset.


With the money I received from this stipend. I was able to purchase materials to create a calming corner in my classroom. The calming corner has done wonders to help my students process their emotions and build emotional intelligence to develop self-regulation skills.


The materials I purchased with this stipend promote social-emotional learning and help redirect negative feelings, help students identify their feelings, focus attention, release stress, and calm the mind and body. My main goal was to ensure my students have a safe-space in the classroom where they feel comfortable to learn and discuss their feelings, while also helping them to develop a multitude of skills related to social-emotional learning, and through this amazing organization I was able to achieve my goal. 


I cannot express my gratitude enough, thank you Alpha Beta Foundation!




Brooke Marzullo

IS 27 Staten Island

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