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Katherine Fauske 2020 Winner

$2000 Dr. Mary Meade Scholarship

August 3, 2020


Dear Alpha Beta Foundation,


Throughout my life, I have loved attending school and have had a passion for learning. I have always been eager to learn about the world and learn how to participate as a contributing member of society.  Leo Buscaglia says, “Change is the end result of all true learning.” Education is the key to instilling change and making a difference. I didn’t always know what I wanted to do with my life, but I have always known that I wanted to help people. Teaching is a perfect occupation to pursue in order to help and love others.


I have a large family, including my older brother Timmy who has Down syndrome. Timmy has been a significant part of my journey of pursuing education. Although Timmy is six years older, I have been a leader in his life. I have grown in patience and compassion due to Timmy and what he has taught me. Timmy and my older sister Emily, who is a teacher, have taught me so many important lessons and I look forward to keeping learning every day. During the summer of eighth grade and freshman year, I was a camp counselor, leading kids in activities and even teaching them in small groups. I also participated in a more in-depth summer camp in New Hampshire acting in similar roles. Finally, a program, Junior Achievement, heavily influenced my decision when I got to fly solo and teach a kindergarten class for a day. I prepared a lesson plan and taught. I was truly inspired by the children and not what I taught them but what they had taught me. When the day was over the head teacher came up to me with some encouraging words, saying that I have a gift and I belong in teaching. Her words stuck with me throughout my time in high school. Additionally, leading youth group and teaching Sunday School has reinforced my belief that I love teaching, and not only do I want to teach but I would be good at it. My experiences and opportunities have opened my eyes to new possibilities and have shown me I can make a difference. 


I am very grateful and honored to be awarded the $2000 Dr. Mary Meade Scholarship in hopes of advancing my collegiate career, and to teach children the lessons I have learned both within the classroom and outside of it. I want to thank the Alpha Beta Foundation and everyone who works hard there to grant high school kids a greater chance at furthering their career. Thank you!




Katharine Fauske

Port Richmond High School

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